Success Stories

VOLVO: XC90 Multi Channel Branding

Background Upon launching the new Volvo XC90 generation in 2014, the Scandinavian automaker announced a special edition premium version of the SUV available for online sales only. All 1927 special edition XC90 models were sold out within 47 hours. The … Read more

DentalARIA: 225,9% increase in conversion rate by using a dedicated landing page

What is the impact a dedicated landing page can have for the campaign, versus using the original website? A very big one: a 3.2x higher conversion rate and 2.5x lower costs per lead. The Challenge: The online marketing campaigns for dental offices, … Read more

MIDOCAR: Lead generation for Volkswagen

Challenge In 2014, an important car dealer in Bucharest (MIDOCAR) had a campaign named “50 Golfs”, the scope of it being the sale of a 50 car supply… “ASAP”, to quote from the brief :). Our team implemented a performance marketing strategy … Read more

Case Study: Books Express AdWords Campaigns

Context: Books Express is exclusively an online library with over 7 million books, most of them being specialty items in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. The specialty books covered hundreds of domains, from cultural anthropology or criminology, to biochemical … Read more

Case Study: BMW Motor AG

  BMW Motor AG – BMW’s Google AdWords Challenge Context ✓ Motor AG has been an important Romanian BMW Authorized Dealer since 2004. ✓ For a period of time, BMW Motor AG  managed their Google AdWords campaigns in-house and they … Read more