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Who we are and what we do

Today’s is an online marketing agency which combines creativity and strategy in order to offer effective tailor-made online marketing solutions. In our over 12 years of online experience on the European market, we have developed expertise in a wide range of industries, from automotive and IT to health and education.  Through hard work and dedication we have also gained the trust of clients from international corporations to local start ups.

When managing online marketing campaigns we are always focused on performance, the key indicators for us being the conversions and the cost per acquisition. last year we managed to generate a total of 98,600+ conversions for our clients, and presently we track more than 6,000 conversions per month.

And, last but not least, we are proud to be part of the founding members of SEMRo – The Romanian Association of Search Engine Marketing Specialists.



12 years and 10 reasons
to work with Today’s

 12 years of Online Marketing Experience

Working with more than 700 companies, from start-up to corporations, for the past 12 years.

Google AdWords Certified Partner
Today’s is a Google Engage Platinum Agency, which certifies that we have managed budgets over €1,500,000.

In our over 12 years of experience on the international market, we have developed performance-based campaigns in countries such as Australia, SUA, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Poland or the Czech Republic.

First Romanian Agency that holds a Convert.com Certification

We are certified for conversion rate optimization: landing page optimization and e-commerce lead generation.

When developing online marketing campaigns we always focus on performance, measured by the number of conversions and the increase of your ROI.

We don’t waste your money on testing

You don’t want to talk about likes, clicks and CTR anymore?

Today’s clients get results with a positive impact on ROI. We achieve more than 9.000 conversions monthly.

We are always up to date

Online marketing tools are always changing, so is the user’s behavior. For instance, few years ago no one was paying attentions to smartphones. Today, more than 30% of sales are happening on mobile devices.

No hidden costs or data

You will always be informed about your campaigns and you will also have control over your budget. We will never advise you to use instruments that aren’t suitable for you.

We offer 100% customized solutions for your company

Different companies have their own particular needs even across the same industry. Consequently, we always start our collaboration by allocating at least one week to understanding your business as well as goals. We are thus able to make the best possible campaign suggestions.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every single client is in direct contact with the PPC Specialist that will manage the account.

We will gladly give you a hand

1. Google AdWords performance-based campaigns constantly optimized for costs and conversions. Read more.
2. Google AdWords Consultancy by which we point out 50 unique elements that can help your campaign perform much better. Read more.
3. Facebook Ads & Facebook Retargeting through which you can reach the audience that spends a lot of time on social networks. Read more.
4. Etarget PPC Campaigns that place your ads on more than 6,000 international websites. Read more.
5. Adult Network Campaigns, in case your products are part of the “Adult Only” category. Read more.
6. Self-optimized banners through Today’s Custom AdServer, in case you wish to display your ads on pre-defined website placements. Read more.


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